What is Kinit?

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An Easy and Fun way to Earn Kin on the Go

Kinit is a fun, easy way to earn Kin, a new cryptocurrency made for your digital life. Earning Kin is just like playing a game, only better, because you get rewarded for completing fun daily activities like surveys, quizzes, interactive videos and more.

Every day you’ll get new activities that will keep you earning Kin. As you do, your Kin is stored in your own highly-secure, blockchain based digital wallet (it’s like having your very own safe that no one has the key to but you).

In no time, you’ll have enough Kin to use towards great experiences (travel, movies, music, and more) or to share with your friends.

Spend Opportunities with Amazon, Google Play and Uber

Kinit is a digital application that pays its users for the data that they provide using Kin currency. Kinit offers spend opportunities for these kin through various gift cards. The goal is creating a ecosystem that incorporates digital services that appeal to the consumers.

We can say that Kinit is the first publicly available app dedicated to Kin.  Currently, the app is working within the Stellar blockchain with an atomic swap to be released at a later date to connect the chains.

A Phenomenal User Experience bringing Blockchain to the Everyday Consumer

Payments of Kin are made to the users within the Kinit app. The app is uniquely designed in a way that it encourages its users to complete tasks. The users can earn Kin and then spend their Kin on gift cards (Amazon gift card, GooglePlay gift cards and Uber gift cards to name a few).

By just completing a simple questionnaire each day users can earn Kin and convert it to to online spending opportunities or put it towards real life services. With the option to earn more Kin daily, It’s unbelievable how much a user can make through Kinit.

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The current prices are pegged at 0.1 Kin = 1 cent,

  • 100 kin = $1,
  • 500 kin = $5
  • 2500 kin = $25

Kinit was made to help people interested in digital currency enter the crypto space without any technical knowledge. Helping them bring the use of crypto into their daily life. A simple and friendly application with a easy to understand reward concept. This application makes it simple to complete tasks that will grant users with Kin and engage users by offering them the opportunity to earn and spend gift cards with some of the biggest companies in the world.

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