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Ted Livingston - The Founder and CEO
Ted Livingston

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Ted Livingston has been categorised by Forbes as an influential person under 30. Born in Toronto, Ontario. He is the founder of Kik and the Kin Foundation whom govern the Kin cryptocurreny. His ideas, ideals, and passion brought forward the development of a revolutionary messaging platform for all. This innovation made him rank 20th position on the TorontoLife ranking list.

As a child, he lived with his parents in the Muskoka Lakes and loved to ski. This is where he developed passions for automated machines and robotics, spending many hours in his basement for his school’s robotics team. Ted loved to play with Lego too. From Crescent school in Toronto, he went on to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics at the University of Waterloo in order to pursue his passions in artificial intelligence and robotics. He later said that Crescent “provided an education which couldn’t be more perfect for me as an individual. It allowed me to grow and develop my own philosophies and directions in life.”

The Toronto-born influencer worked for organisations such as a financial adviser for Laurel Hobbs, an advertising firm. As well as robotic placements at Honda and the City of Toronto. He started as an intern after schooling at the University of Waterloo at Research In Motion, popularly known as BlackBerry. At Blackberry, he moved up the corporate ladder rapidly and in 8 months, he was promoted to Technical Product Management Coordinator. He later resigned from Research In Motion because of lack of foresight in the management for innovating the blackberry platform. He later developed Kik, a messaging platform which could work across all devices be it Android, iOS, Windows phone, and computers.

Ted Livingston is the CEO and Founder of Kik, a Canadian based start-up with close to 300 million registered users. The rapid growth of this messaging app makes it a great threat to the popular social network Facebook. Ted is also behind the formation of the Kin Foundation, a revolutionary ecosystem.


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