More Earn Opportunities on Kinit, Swelly and true[X] Partnership

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These new partners will offer more variety and increase earn opportunities within Kinit application. Swelly is a very well known polling chatbot, with true[X] leading in its next-generation technology building attention-based ad products. These two new partners will help Kinit become an enjoyable and interactive experience that users are sure to love with even more earn opportunities!

What is Swelly?
Swelly has built a survey platform allowing brands to receive feedback from a specific target audience, while keeping the all the data it collects anonymous. Brands such as Red Bull, Swarovski already use ‘Swells,’ the company’s name for its surveys. Users will receive a set amount of Kin in exchange for completing these easy, low-effort polls and surveys.

What is true[X]?
true[X] is an independent unit of 21st Century Fox,  a partner that will no problem in the transition to Kinit. In exchange for Kin, Kinit users can engage with interactive 30-second experiences. In 2018 true[x] won many awards for interactive ad campaigns. They will provide users with relevant, engaging activities that enhance the user flow, while rewarding them for their time.

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