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Earn Kin for Everyday Purchases


Earn Kin for shopping at your favourite places. If you have a debit or credit card, you’re set to earn Kin with every purchase you make. It’s really that simple.

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Get Rewarded Kin for Spending
  • Earn Opportunities
  • Spend Opportunities
  • Ease of Use
  • Security

How Does Kino Work?

Connect your debit and/or credit cards, Whenever you use any of your linked cards, the team at Kino will automatically give you Kin.

Shop at Your Favourite Places

With over 100+ top brands, get rewarded with Kin everytime you spend.

Get Rewarded in Kin

Redeem your Kin for gift cards and exclusive offers suited just for you!

Be Rewarded for the Spending You Do Everyday

Impenetrable Bank-Grade Security

Kino uses the operator Plaid, they securely connect more than 15,000 financial institutions across Canada and the U.S. The same technology is used in leading fintech companies such as; Mint, Acorns, and Robinhood.

During registration, you will be asked to enter your banking details. These details never touch the Kino servers, nor are they stored by Kino in any way. Your details will be sent through Plaid to your bank or credit card provider. Plaid then sends back an encrypted token to Kino.

Kino Cannot Access or View Your Money

This token provides read-only access to your transaction data. Kino cannot move money or make any changes to your account. You can decide to revoke the read-only access token at any time.

Some banks and credit card providers have additional security measures, such as multi-factor authentication using security codes, challenge questions, or phone confirmation. These measures vary from bank to bank.

Kino has 256-bit SSL encryption for all server-side databases. They host their servers securely using Heroku, a secure online data storage and hosting service. We’ve found the Kino team to be extremely transparent.

Security FAQ

Why does Kino need my financial information?
We track your transnational data to reward you with Kin for every qualified purchase, so you don’t have to carry extra cards or open new apps.

What information does Kino see from my linked account?
Kino only sees your transaction data. We never see your account balance or any other personal information linked to your account.

If you have any questions for the Kino team, don’t hesitate to contact them at

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