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The Kinny Tip Bot is Now Live! You can read our updated Kinny review here.

A Developer Programme to Embed 40 Apps/Services with Kin

On July 11, the Kin Foundation announced the Kin Developer Program. An initiative that will empower developers to successfully create Kin-powered apps, or build Kin-powered experiences into their existing applications. The program offers developers financial incentives of up to $115,000 (400MM KIN, $60,000 USD). More than 200 developers applied from all around the world have proposed new and innovative use cases for Kin.

The Foundation announced that 40 developers were accepted into the first stage of the Developer Program. The original capacity was 25, but due to the high volume and quality of the applications received, they increased the program’s size to allow more developers a chance to participate. These developers have already begun building with and integrating Kin. The Foundation have announced that the Kin app demo day is scheduled for the 15th of October. This will consist of demos for up to 40 of the developers accepted into the Kin Developer Programme.


Kinny the Social Media Tip Bot is Ready for Go, Are You Ready?

A team from the Kin Foundation Reddit community have been working on a project called ‘Kinny’. Kinny is basically a wallet that allows users to earn and store Kin coins. This project is a way to raise awareness for the project and grow a bigger user base. The wallet is an easy way to earn/spend and utilise Kin coins. This Kinny app is part of the Kin tip bot which can be used to tip content that users may like on Reddit and Twitter.

CryptoKin_ Just got Tipped 1 Kin from Kinillionaire!

Seamlessly Earn and Spend Kin Through Social Media Interaction with Kinny

The Kin tip bot is a new way to effortlessly spend and earn Kin through social platforms where Kinny is integrated. New users will be introduced to Kin and a personal Kin wallet created by simply receiving an interaction quoting the Kin tip bot in a tweet for example. This way they encourage users to download the Kin tip bot app wallet where they’ll be able to send Kin from.

Kinny’s goal is to bring in more people into the Kin ecosystem and the Kin marketplace. The community is playing a huge role when it comes to sharing Kin. Kinny shows that crypto doesn’t have be complicated and that Kin is the way to spend digital currencies.

Alpha Stages of Development and First Sketches of Kin
Alpha Stage Development of Kinny

Kinny is a Fully Functioning Tip Bot for Reddit and Twitter, Watch This Space

Over the last couple of weeks the Kinny app has gathered loads of positive response on Reddit and other social media platforms. The development team is engaging with their audience to improve their services. In a very short period of time the team managed to create an app that is functional and will be ready for demo on the 15th of October.

The team posted an image on Reddit showing the alpha stage development and the first sketches of Kinny (see above). They sure have come a long way since august 2018 this year when the started this project. The developers announced that at this moment in time the app is 98% ready. They’ll likely take a few days to find bugs and fix them before the official beta launch. This will be once the App has been approved by the Kin Foundation.


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