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Seamlessly Tip Kin


Initially Kin tipping will only be available on Reddit, Twitter and the Kin Foundation Discord server (whilst in beta). Telegram will be coming soon with further platforms planned for the future.

Earn, Spend & Tip Kin Effortlessly
  • Earn Opportunities
  • Spend Opportunities
  • Ease of Use
  • Security

Kinny enables you to effortlessly send Kin cryptocurrency to other users on social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit and Discord with more to come! With Kinny you can complete tasks like surveys and quizzes to earn Kin.

Kinny is really easy to use and you will even earn Kin for completing the tutorial when you use the app for the first time.

Simply receiving a tip on social media or setting up your Kinny app creates your own personal Kin cryptocurrency wallet on the Kin Blockchain, secure and accessible only by you.

Overall Kinny is a great application with a friendly and easy to use interface. First of all, Users can earn and spend Kin without even realising they’re interacting with the blockchain. Then use the hard earned Kin to tip on social platforms. This application truly brings an almost flawless experience when it comes to tipping. We’re very excited for the future of Kinny and to see what further development brings.

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Tip your friends and favourite content creators across multiple social platforms with Kinny

Kinny allows you to earn kin by completing exclusive surveys provided by Pollfish

Earn even more Kin though completing tasks in the Kin marketplace on Kinny!

Important Beta Wallet Information;
Kinny has two wallets, the App Wallet and Tip Wallet. Kin earned in the app is paid into the App wallet, you can transfer this Kin into the Tip Wallet to use for tipping or transferring over social media.

Only the Kinny tip wallet has inherent backup designed into it, at the moment if you uninstall, delete the app data or change devices you will lose access to the Kin in the App wallet. This situation applies to all Developer Programme Apps using the Kin Wallet.

Kinny advises all users to transfer any Kin in the Kinny App wallet into the Kinny Tip wallet as this is the safest way to store your Kin. Transfers are made in app with a couple clicks.

Kinny is currently a minimum viable product beta app, the look and feel will be upgraded soon. Some functionality will limited during beta phase. For example, Twitter and Reddit tips can only be sent in replies initially.

“Kinny will be used largely by the Kin Community in the beginning, as people spread and share it, it will hopefully help cross borders into other communities to help spread the word about Kin” Chase Barker 1/10/2018

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