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Kinit is the first application dedicated to Kin. It’s now available to download on the iOS and Android devices. The goal with Kinit is to get Kin into more consumers’ hands. It’s a major step towards making crypto truly consumer-friendly through fun and engaging experiences, they plan to learn and iterate based on real-world user behaviour. Everyone’s excited to get even more people earning and spending Kin with all this being done on the Kin blockchain.

Kinit is an intuitive and streamlined app designed for an active user experience. The foundation envision a digital world where cryptocurrency is something you use daily, or even hourly. With Kinit, the intention is to prove that Kin can power everyday value exchange in consumer apps.

There is so many rewards to get from using Kinit on a regular basis!Some Positive Points of Kinit are as follows;

  • Kinit is a fun, easy way to earn Kin
  • Use a new cryptocurrency made for your digital life
  • Earning Kin is just like playing a game
  • Get rewarded for completing fun daily activities like surveys, quizzes and more
  • Every day you’ll get new earn opportunities
  • Your Kin is stored in your own blockchain based digital wallet
  • Use Kin towards great experiences (travel, movies, music, and more) or to share  it with your friends
  • Kin is backed by the Kin Foundation, a non-profit organisation
  • Contributing to creating a more fair and equitable online world

Kinnit Now Ready for Download in the Google Play StoreKinnit Available for Download in the Apple Store

View a preview of Kinit in action;

Below You Can Read some Kinit Testimonials;

About 10 surveys in, the app is fast, smooth and compared other survey apps, we have a beautiful UI with bright pictures and easy to use interface all around. Payout is promising and i am looking forward to the future of Kin!

Very easy to use, earning Kin to redeem for gift cards is awesome. They give you value for user data which other monopolies like Facebook and Google have been collecting and monetising for free.

Kinit is the bee’s knees. After I used it the first time, I called my mum and told her to download it. Very easy to use , even for the tech-challenged. Great way to earn Amazon gift cards for information other companies are mining from your browser history. Already smooth, can’t wait for the final product!